Pull services together

in user-defined domains.

You may consolidate services or projects located in different areas of the service map into one user-defined domain. User-defined domains need to be created first before assigning services/projects to that domain.

E.g. you may present all services of a department, a user, etc. in user-defined domains.

Note: Services and project can only be created outside of domains. Domains can be created anywhere within the service map - under the organization, service or project node.


Only authorized users

can access a domain.

System-defined domains are individual domains and can only be accessed by authorized Users.

User-defined domains can be accessed by a customer and creator of the domain. The customers and creators are able to allow access and assign domain-level privileges to other users.

In general, each user is able to access only those projects/services of a domain which he can access outside of the domain as well (due to access rights granted on service, project or organization level (see access control).


Select domain and then navigate the menu, as shown above, and grant privileges in the access privileges pane