Your Organization is the place to

pursue your goals.

Your Organization is a meeting point for authorized Users who all work on your services and projects with the purpose to achieve your goals - either your private goals or the objectives of your company.

Every Younox account comes

with an Organization.

As soon as you have registered in Younox, you are assigned a personal Organization named after you.


Example: John has registered in Younox. Every time he logs in to his account his Organization called "John Livingston" is opened.


Example: If John (in above example) wanted to run a fashion business using Younox, he can rename the Organization from "John Livingston" to e.g. "John's Fashion" by using the edit function in the Organization details pane.

You can rename your

Organization if needed.

If you manage a business in Younox you can name the Organization after your company name.

You are the administrator

of your Organization.

By default, the owner of the Organization is the Administrator with all administrator rights; see access control.

Appoint selected Users to work

on your Services and Projects.

Your Organization is the place where you create services and projects which you want to be accomplished by other users. A User assigned to a service (as customer or supplier) automatically becomes a member of your Organization.


Easily integrate or expel other

users from your Organization.

Users who are assigned to services or
added to your Organization are included in your Organization's members list (see Organization edit panel). Once you delete a User from your Organization, he will lose access to any of the services or projects even if he is still assigned to the corresponding services/projects.

Work on services belonging to

different Organizations.

With your Younox account, you can access services and projects created in other users' Organizations (i.e. your client's Organizations), provided that you were granted access rights to the services. These access rights can be obtained by being assigned a role such as a customer or a supplier, or by receiving additional privileges. As a consequence, you will be able to view the other User's Organization including its accessible services when logged into your account.

You can collaborate with an unlimited number of organizations.