Payment Information

We use the PayPal payment process and method which allows you to make payments via credit card, bank direct debit and other methods even though you do not hold a PayPal account. In case you hold a PayPal account you may also pay directly via this account. Depending on your country of residence, different payment methods are available for you.
See de-pp-logo-59px for details.

All credit card or bank account details provided for payments are not requested by us but by PayPal solely. Therefore, we do not receive and do not store any of your credit card or bank account details.
However, we do store internally generated transaction data of each payment in order to track any of your inquiries relating your payment.
The requested billing information (name, address, company, etc.) will be used for invoicing and billing purposes only. We treat this information as confidential and do not make it available to any third parties whatsoever. Please proceed with your payment.