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How does the pricing work?

Upon registration you may use Younox with all its features for free and without limitations for two months. Once your Free Trial expires, simply top up your account by buying credits and continue using Younox services. Each month, you will be charged the Business fee of € 24.95. This fee allows you to sponsor 4 user accounts for free. If you have a bigger team you may sponsor more users for an additional monthly fee of € 2.95 per added user (BusinessPlus Plan).

How does the sponsoring work?

You may start or stop sponsoring any user anytime. To do this, select the wanted user and either activate or cancel the sponsorship. This way you may flexibly adjust your team size and the related costs on a daily basis.
Of course, you may also collaborate with users within your team who are either sponsored by another user or pay their own account fees. In case you are sponsored and therefore don’t pay your account fees you may still sponsor other users without limitations.

How do I know my exact charges?

Under My Account, you may view the daily incurred charges for your account and the accounts you might sponsor plus additional information for a selected period.
1/30th part of the monthly fee are deducted from your credits each day - the Business rate (€ 24.95/mo) for your account plus 4 sponsored accounts and the BusinessPlus rate (€ 2.95/mo) for any additional sponsored account.
You are charged for the exact amount of days and accounts only. Any changes on the number of users you sponsor will be reflected in your account statement immediately.

When do I need to pay?

Once the free trial ends or your credits are used up you need to credit your account to continue using Younox. As long as your account is sponsored by another user you may use Younox for free. Once your sponsor stops paying your account fees you need to credit your account in order to continue using Younox.
We recommend a payment amount which covers at least 3 – 6 months of your personal account fees (Business Plan) and the fees of additional accounts you may choose to sponsor (BusinessPlus Plan).

What are my commitments?

Younox offers pay-as-you-go services. Simply use Younox for as long as your credits (or the credits of your sponsor) cover your account fees. If you choose not to continue using Younox after the Free Trial period or your credits are used up, you don’t need to do anything and are free of any obligations whatsoever.

How do I use the free accounts?

If you are a Business user (with € 24.95/mo) you may sponsor 4 users for free. To do so, select the desired users from the Younox users’ directory and activate their sponsoring.

What happens if my credits are used up?

Once your credits are used up, you and all users you sponsor will lose access to Younox. During the following grace period you may regain access to Younox by topping up your account with sufficient credits. Please note that in this case you will be charged a reduced grace period fee for the maintenance (of your account and the accounts you sponsor) during the elapsed grace period time.

What is the grace period?

If your account funds or the funds of your sponsor are used up, or your free trial expires without the in time payment your access to Younox will be denied. You will be granted a grace period during which you may regain access by crediting your account or by being sponsored.
Please note: Once the grace has expired, your Younox account and all stored data will automatically be deleted.

Can I be sponsored by more than one user?

Yes, you may be sponsored by more than one user at the same time. In this case we equally allocate your account fees between all sponsors. If the sponsorship starts during your grace period, the sponsor(s) is (are) also billed for the maintenance fees of your account incurred during the elapsed time of your grace period.

Can I sponsor a user who is within the

grace period?

Yes, you may sponsor any user who is within the grace period. However, you will be charged the unpaid maintenance fees of the sponsored user account incurred during the elapsed time of the grace period.

What payment methods do you accept?

All payment transactions are done through de-pp-logo-59px which also accepts all major credit cards and direct debit should you not have a personal PayPal account.