Privacy Policy

Semantec doesn’t view, examine or make available to third parties Content posted, uploaded or processed by a User of YOUNOX Services. Only Users themselves are able to authorize other registered Users to access, process and update commonly used Content in the YOUNOX Services.

In order for a User to be able to purchase access and use YOUNOX Services, he must provide Semantec his personal information including but not limited to full name, e-mail address and other contact details. In case User does not provide the requested information - whether or not to provide such information is User‘s own choice - he will be unable to purchase and access the YOUNOX Services.

Semantec will never disclose a User’s personal information to third parties and other Users. Furthermore, a User can make available his personal information to other Users in the YOUNOX users directory for collaboration purposes. A User can at any time disclose or conceal his personal information by using the settings provided in the Profile Update Menu.

Semantec requires a User’s personal information for internal purposes such as billing, invoicing of his purchases, etc. Only in cases we are required by the governing law, or that we believe a User committed infringement in the use of YOUNOX Services, will we disclose a User’s personal information or content to legitimized third parties.

For a User to use and access YOUNOX Services, he must allow Semantec to store and retrieve session information (like key and user name) from the User’s terminal equipment. The purpose of the information storage and retrieval method is to enable Users’ security in logging-in/out of the YOUNOX Services and to prevent unauthorized access.

All Semantec employees are bound by a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement that prohibits access and dissemination of information handled by Users while using YOUNOX Services.

By accepting the General Terms & Conditions, the User explicitly consents to:
(1) the collection, processing and storage of personal data;
(2) Semantec’s storage and retrieval of information from the User’s terminal, as indicated above.