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Get great things done with business

or private people.

Assign work in services.

Don't send e-mails.

Specify every single task in a service. Then appoint the most suitable person to do the job and someone else to receive the wanted result.

Give additional people access to the service - and keep them involved to ensure the best possible outcome.

Younox brings what matters

most to your attention.

Catch up easily on the progress. Get full insight into who is doing what and get involved wherever needed. Use the smart Search Filter to track down the most urgent and relevant services in no time.

Upload files.

Join discussions.

Easily share information with your teammates no matter where you are. Upload several files to a service simultaneously - simply by using drag and drop - while you make updates or new assignments at the same time.

Get updates and reminders


Your Younox Inbox reminds you of due dates, budget limits and notifies you of new or updated services.

You won't miss anything anymore!

Enjoy how effectively you can work with Younox.

Initiate new services or projects

in a breeze.

Simply make a duplicate of a pre-existing service along with sub-services or a project with predefined settings.

Have full control over who can

access a service or project.

You may grant access to a single or set of related services, a specified user or even a group of users.

Rearrange services and projects

within seconds.

Select and move services using drag and drop into the wanted position of the service/project hierarchy.

Access everything with just one


Start Younox and have all projects and services you share with your clients, contractors, co-workers or private people at your fingertips. Younox is you control center.

Refer to services or projects

using unique service numbers.

Simply refer to a service ID when communicating with your team or searching for a service/project.

Find any service or project in


You don’t need to remember service or project names.Our full text search works for key words within names, descriptions, discussions and attachments.

Manage your entire business with Younox.

Younox connects you across


Younox provides you with your own organization. That’s the place where you manage all services you need to achieve your goals - both private and business. At the same time you get access to services of other users’ organizations.

It’s easy - simply login and you can instantly see what’s going on in your organization and in the organizations of other users.

Increase focus - raise attention.

Pull services together in special domains and raise the attention of a person or a team for a special issue.

Everyone knows the next thing

to do.

Set the target within the superior service. Your team is able to create all low-level services needed to complete the job and achieve the goal.

Arrange services in sub-levels.

Manage work in supply chains.

For more complex jobs you simply arrange the tasks in sub-services in as many levels as needed.

The superior service can also be managed as a project.

Increase the value of your business.

You may represent the work processes of a department or of your entire business in Younox services. Conveniently transfer the service to your successor if responsibilities change within the business.

Knowledge never gets lost even if a

staff member leaves your company.

Younox keeps the information of all current and completed work available for you at all times - at no extra charge.

Younox is your Networking Tool.

Login. Collaborate. Worldwide.

Simply log in connect with all your teams, your projects, your services and all your organizations.

Find experts - meet your talent


Collaborate with people or experts you already know. Or find new talents in our YouBook to take up new challenges.

Publish your profile in YouBook.

Other Younox users can find you in our YouBook and may initiate a collaboration with you by giving you access to their services.

You decide what's part of your profile, what's public or hidden from other users and when you want to update your profile.

Sponsor other users' accounts.

You can sponsor the account fees of other users for only a fraction of the normal usage fees. Now it's on you to let your network grow as fast and convenient as possible!