A project is comprised of

one or more services.

A project is comprised of services which may consist of sub-services themselves. The completion of every service or sub-service contributes to the accomplishment of the project goal.

A project has all the properties of a service, plus you can assign to a project additional partners such as a client, a project leader and an account manager.

project- 1

Create a new project.

Select "New Project" in the menu or change an existing service to a project.

You may create a project on any level, within or under an organization, or under a project or a service.

Newly assigned project partners (such as supplier, customer, project leader, account manager and client) will immediately see new and/or existing projects upon logging in to Younox.

Access all project related


All services which are required to accomplish a specific project goal must be created (under the project) separately.

Partners of the project can only access such sub-services if they are also partners of these services or if they are granted extended access privileges.

Update project information and

discuss with your team.

In the project details panel, you can update the project description at any time, its properties (such as budgets, due dates, partners, etc) and conduct discussions with your project team. All updates are immediately visible to your team.

Easily manage projects of any


Project's real-time counter displays the remaining budget calculated from work time entries of all project services.

Generate a project summary or work time reports including work descriptions.

Move services along with associated work times into or out of a project.

The progress of a project is shown in the statuses and updates of its services.