Quick Start

Younox is easy - get up and running in 60 secs.

See Quick Start Movie or follow the steps below.

Download and Start Younox

Download Younox from here or from any other download options on our home page then start Younox to create your account.

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Create your Account

You are registered in Younox once you have completed the "Create New Account" procedure. You are automatically assigned a personal workspace, your Younox Organization.

and log in

You are connected to your Organization when you login. That's where you define tasks (see 3), plan events or projects and get work done in a team.

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Create a Service

Specify the task you want accomplished by another user by creating a service.

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Appoint Customers and

Suppliers to your Service

Appoint a user who needs to accomplish a requested result (supplier), and the user who will receive the outcome (customer).

As a result both supplier and customer have access to the service and can communicate and update information in the service when logged in to Younox.

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