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A service is a request to

accomplish a task.

There are always two people assigned
to a service.
The supplier who is in charge of
completing the service and the customer who is entitled to claim the output.

A customer can also be a

supplier of another service.

Some services are just simple tasks.
However, there are complex services
that require one or more lower-level
services (sub-services) to accomplish a task.
In such cases, a customer of a lower-level service may also be the supplier of a superior service, wherein the output of a sub-service is required to accomplish the superior level service. See example.

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Create a new service

A service can be created on any level, within or under an organization, but also under a superior project or service. The assigned supplier and customer will immediately see new and/or existing services upon logging in to Younox

Service should be named

after the desired output.

The service name describes the goal or the desired output and not the problem. Problems and requirements are specified in the service description part and can be updated by the customer, supplier, and other authorized users.

Update the service.

When creating a new service we suggest you giving it a short and precise name.
All service properties (service name, description, budgets-, etc.) can be updated in the service details pane at any time.

Control access to the service.

You may grant access to a service to any User by assigning him to be a customer or supplier (partner) of the service. Additionally, you may grant users access by the methods described under access control.


Communicate with your team

in the description and discussion

part of the service.

Select the service and edit its content. Any changes of the description and discussion or other properties of the service are immediately visible to your team (all users who are partners of or have access to the service or project). Plus, all team members will receive e-mail notifications of any update.