We love what we do

We love what we do

More than ten years ago we were collaborating with teams located in different countries and cities, in our own offices and in the offices of our clients.

We tried to keep us posted by sending emails back and forward. Everyone was constantly busy with scanning masses of emails. Still, important information often was missing or available too late.

In one of our meetings, we realized how much easier it would be if we had all information and all communication in one central location which authorized people could access and update online.

That was the moment when the idea of a collaboration tool was born. No sooner said than done - over the years we have developed “Younox” a tool with all the features needed to ideally support teams in collaborating and managing their work online.

Today we are enthusiastic about how easily and savvy Younox facilitates our daily work and how it enables us doing things which simply were not possible without it. That’s exactly why we took the idea one step further and made Younox available to anyone who seeks to get work done efficiently
in a team online as well.

More than ever we are now determined to constantly add features which will make Younox even more than just a powerful tool but a collaboration network you and your teams will love to be part of.

We hope you enjoy working with Younox as much as we do.
Thank you for e-mailing us your feedback, suggestions or queries.