Younox FAQ’s

Customer, Supplier

1. Can a user be a Customer and Supplier of one and the same Service?

Sometimes, a User has to deliver the result requested in a service to himself. In these cases, the User is the Customer and Supplier at the same time and the completion of the service is his sole responsibility.

For example: A User has to provide a specification to himself in order to deliver the specified result. In the service “Provide specification…” the User is both the Customer and Supplier.

2. What is the difference between a Customer and a Client?

In Younox, the Customer represents any User who will receive the project’s or service’s outcome. The Customer can demand from the Supplier the on time delivery of exactly what has been agreed upon and within the fixed budget, as defined in the project or service description. On the other hand, the Client is the User who will be paying for the expenses of completing or delivering a project and all subordinated services. Please note that Clients can be assigned to projects only.

3. Who can assign Customers, Suppliers and other partners

to a Service or Project?

Only the owner or the administrator of an Organization can assign Users from the public Users’ Directory to Services or Projects which were created in the Organization. Once a User is assigned to a Service or Project he becomes a member of this Organization and can be assigned by any member of the Organization to other Services or Projects as required.

Services, Projects

1. What are the characteristics of a well-defined service?

A well-defined service needs at the very least to:

  • be named after the wanted outcome, e.g. “Marketing material accomplished for international trade fare”, “Division director employed”, etc.;
  • have an accurate description of the outcome, which will enable the Customer to claim exactly the wanted result from the Supplier of the Service;
  • have the Supplier and Customer assigned, who will both participate in the completion of the Service;
  • have a set budget and deadline

2. What is the difference between a Service and a Project?

Both Services and Projects may consist of many subordinated and hierarchically structured services or projects (sub-service, sub-projects). While you can assign only a Customer or a Supplier to a Service, you may additionally assign to a Project an Account Manager, a Project Leader and a Client. Note as well that work time entered can be moved from one Project to another if required.

3. Who can create a Service/Project and assign the service partners?

Any User who has access to a certain Organization can create a Service or Project and assign other Users of his choice to work on the tasks described in a Service/Project belonging to the Organization. Assigned Users can be replaced by other Users at any time if required.

Access to Services and Projects

1. How can I check what Services and Projects a particular

User can access?

In general, you can only allow another User access to a Service/Project if you have access to it as well. Take note, that a User in your team might have the privilege to access certain Services or Projects which you are not authorized to see.
To view Services which you or other Users can access, go to “Search Control” and select “Show me all I can see”. Then chose a User name from the list “All others can see”. As a result you will get a list of Services and Projects you and/or the selected User can access.

2. When can Services/Projects be updated by a User?

A User is authorized to update any Service/Project he is able to access.


1. What Organization names can be used?

Once registered in Younox, each User gets assigned an Organization named after his personal name. The User can rename his Organization provided that the Organization Name complies with third parties’ copyrights.

2. Who can add or expel a User to/from the Organization?

Only the owner or administrator of an Organization can add to or expel a User from the Organization. This is done either by assigning a User to a Service or Project or by adding the User from the public User’s Directory (in Organization edit mode) to the Organization.


1. Who receives notifications of a service or project update?

Notifications are sent to users who are direct partners of a service/project (creator, customer, supplier, account manager, client) and users who are added to the notification list. Users who are not among this group and still can access the service by other privileges do not receive e-mail notifications for service/project updates.